Alex Willis is chief executive officer of Leadership Surge in Chicago, IL. He is a dynamic speaker, motivator and innovator of corporate and front-line change management programming. He founded Leadership Surge based on the belief that a great culture is built to last when every member of the team embraces winning values, behaviors and practices. The comprehensive training programs available from Leadership Surge help develop leaders at all levels: from the frontline to the board room.

For the last 15 years, Alex has coached and supported companies and employees throughout the construction sector including the trade industries, sub-contractors and Fortune 500 construction firms. He believes success occurs when the sector’s greatest asset — its people — are empowered to bring their full selves to each project and worksite.

Alex has worked directly with more than 1,500 executives, foreman leaders, and front-line team members embedding the values of diversity and inclusion in every area of the leadership mindset resulting in improved communication, engagement, productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.