“Attitude” used to be “Everything,” but the new and more-effective approach for

today’s world is “Attitude is the Start of Everything.” This means it’s more important

than ever to ensure you have the right people with the right attitude at your company. 


Attitude determines your thoughts, your actions,  and ultimately the direction, success,

and growth of your organization. In the current economic environment, your attitude

(and the attitude of your team) NEEDS to be positive – but sometimes it’s not that easy.


Kicking off Ignite 2021, this upbeat and timely session will help company leaders recognize

the importance of a positive attitude and provide proven strategies to help improve the

attitude within your company from top to bottom. You’ll learn and take home tools for:


Navigating Negativity

Energy Management



Source of Power


Through this program you’ll learn how making a conscious effort to be as positive as possible – regardless of the circumstances – will help you and your company be more successful at what you do. You’ll leave this program with practical take-a-ways and the motivation to implement them for yourself and your team. 

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