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Bart Gragg runs a company by the name of Blue Collar University®. He helps business leaders, managers, and supervisors to work together more effectively.


Bart knows from personal experience the pain business leaders and their managers go through when they have not been taught what their job requires or given the tools to accomplish it. He understands that their managers are also frustrated. He created Blue Collar University to help all managers better understand how to work with each other more productively.


Bart has worked in some of the toughest industries out there—from living on drilling rigs during oil and gas exploration to heavy industrial dismantling, refinery repair, and pipeline construction. He has a B.S. in Geology, is a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst, holds the CHST (Construction Health and Safety Technician) and OHST (Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician) certificates, and is a Certified Executive One Page Business Plan consultant.


Bart is the author of two books, “They’re Managers—Now What? - How to Prepare Blue Collar Managers and Supervisors” and “Cracking the Manager Code: 11 Traits of Effective Managers and Supervisors” (Summer, 2019).


Take a listen as Bart discusses leadership skills in the construction industry and how those skills can be refined.

Blue Collar University®     |     925.354.0277     |

They’re Managers – Now What? How to Develop Blue Collar Managers and Supervisors” available on Amazon here.

Cracking the Manager Code: 11 Traits of Effective Managers and Supervisors" (Spring 2019)