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Level Up:
How To Train, Manage & Utilize a Successful Sales Force

Your sales team is the driving force of your organization. Without an adequate sales team, your business can flounder and growth can become stagnant. This can turn into a domino effect as the more experienced members fall into a slump and newer members are not exposed to quality leadership. In this panel, you’ll learn how to attract, train, utilize and in turn trust your sales team to effectively grow your offerings and your organization.

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Jason Dunn, CEO
DACS Asphalt & Concrete

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Jason Dunn, CFA, is the Chief Executive Officer of the DACS Corp. family of companies. DACS Asphalt & Concrete is the largest and fastest growing pavement maintenance and reconstruction provider in the Colorado Front Range.


OX Trucking serves as a leading dump truck brokerage provider, as well as an owner-operator. Prior to taking control of DACS in 2018, Jason served in the investment management industry for 20 years. That time included 15 years at Southeastern Asset Management, a multi-billion dollar, value-oriented investment manager located in Tennessee, serving as Principal, Portfolio Manager, and Analyst.


More recently, Jason founded and managed SEC-registered White Bison Capital in Boulder, Colorado. Jason's passions include his family and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where he practices as a purple belt at Easton Training Center.

Brian Hess, CEO/President
The Pavement Group

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Building a foundation for an industry with many players takes commitment, integrity and relentlessness–just three of many qualities that have enabled Brian Hess to build a 8-Figure company and forge enduring relationships with clients that are in the rankings to span decade(s).


Over his lifetime, Brian has devoted himself to focusing on the specificities of hard work. When it is time for his legacy to live on those who know him will remember him as someone who has set the example for being exceptional in every aspect of their life. As CEO and President of The Pavement Group, Top Contractor School, and Host of The Perspective Podcast, Brian has proven that serving his clients and listeners using his unique data will certainly pave the way for more industry icons following his lead. Brian leads an esteemed team of various skills with expertise in technology, marketing, production, sales, and of course, construction.


Brian’s definition of happiness is fulfillment and knowing one has made the difference they sought out to make which is mostly influenced by being a son, husband, father, and CEO. With an extensive understanding of leadership, oration, and his proprietary technology, Brian expertly navigates through all the processes he and his team have created to ensure success, avoid pitfalls and achieve the highest value for those he works with.


Brian has elevated the concept of tailor-made client service in developing a hallmark approach to business centered on personal attention, customized technology, education, and a mentor to mentee revolving door for the utmost success.

Todd Eichholz, Owner/CEO
A&A Paving

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Todd Eichholz is the Owner and CEO of A&A Paving, located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. 


“Pavers Putting People First” isn’t just a saying at A&A… SERVING and IMPACTING others is the heartbeat of this company.

Team members often refer to A&A as a “brand new 62-year-old company” because of their cutting-edge use of technology, marketing, and customer experience but Todd credits A&A’s culture and people first mentality for their 5x growth over the past few years.  A&A was recently awarded a “Best Places to Work in Construction” and has 225+ Five-Star Google Reviews.

Chris Maul, President
Maul Paving/Concrete

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Chris Maul serves as President of Maul Paving/Concrete, as well as one of the Principals of Maul National, LLC. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds an MBA from Loyola University Chicago. Prior to re-joining the Maul companies, Maul spent 6 years in strategic account management for a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing company.


He is responsible for oversight of sales & marketing, overall management of paving and concrete operations for Maul Paving/Concrete and services as a general advisor to Maul National LLC.  Maul enjoys building and sustaining customer relationships, as well as mentoring the staff at both Maul companies. Paving, Sealcoating and Concrete is his life’s work. When he is not working, he can be found spending time with his wife and two kids. He enjoys golfing and traveling.

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