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It Starts at the Top:
Building a Culture Worth Working For

Company culture is about a shared vision throughout the organization, from the receptionist to the owner. Perks of an organization can add to a great culture, but there has to be a purpose, a reason everyone gets up in the morning and comes to work, day in and day out and that starts with you, the business owner. In this panel you’ll hear how other owners have instilled positive culture in their organization in a way that breeds retention, growth, positivity and overall value.

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Kenneth Roy, Founder/President
Royal Pavement Solutions

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Kenneth Roy III is the Founder and President of Royal Pavement Solutions. The company has over three generations of industry knowledge. He has been exposed to the asphalt industry since childhood. At a young age, he began learning the ins and out’s while working at his family’s company. From summers in the field and on the ground to working full-time as a leader of the company, he’s seen firsthand what works (and what doesn’t). His new mission is to redefine the current limits of the asphalt industry.

Dawn Miller, Director - Operations & Human Resources
The Paving Lady

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What can you say about Dawn Miller?  She is somewhat small in stature, but a giant in the industry.  She carries a calming sense of peace and confidence whenever she enters a room.  Many know her as “The Paving Lady” because of her employment, but she is better described as a friend, a mentor and a leader. 


Her 26 years of experience in construction doesn’t seem possible with her youthful smile, but when she begins to speak, you forget her youthful appearance and listen.  She brings value to everyone she meets, whether she is teaching the complexities of a major paving project, or just a smile and a hello to a person who needed that positive greeting just at that time.  She doesn’t realize the amazing effect she has on people, to her, she is just being Dawn.

Erick Finley, CEO
Finley Asphalt & Concrete

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Alongside his brother Lewis and a talented team of dedicated employees, Erick Finley operates Virginia-based Finley Asphalt & Concrete, serving commercial and government customers in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, North Carolina, and West Virginia.


Erick and his brother have grown the company from a 15-person operation in 1990 to over 180 employees at peak season today, with offices in Northern VA and Richmond, VA. When not working, you can find Finley on the family farm in Virginia with his wife, two sons, two grandchildren and other farm friends.

Jack Child, Founder
G-FORCE Parking Lot Striping

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Jack Child is the founder of G-FORCE Parking Lot Striping (2017) and G-FORCE Franchises for Veterans (2018). G-FORCE Parking Lot Striping was the first brand to franchise exclusively to Veterans and operates 47 locations across the country. Child is a retired Delta captain and is passionate about bettering opportunities for Veterans.


Jessica Lombardo, Conference Manager
IGNITE Construction Summit & PAVE/X

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For nearly 11 years, Jessica Lombardo has been creating informative content for the asphalt paving and pavement maintenance industries.

Lombardo held her role as editor-in-chief of Asphalt Contractor & Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazines for six years, helping the brands gain notoriety and a strong digital presence. 

In 2022, Lombardo was named Content Director for AC Business Media’s Marketing Services team where she works with clients to grow their reach through social media, content, video and more.

“As our industries continue to face increasingly challenging labor struggles, supply chain issues, technology adoption and changing regulations, it’s more important than ever to be on the cutting edge of these trends and I’m honored to help bring relevant information to our industry,” Lombardo says.

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