Why have some construction companies been able to position themselves to take off as the country gets through the pandemic while others are struggling to survive? Why do some contractors experience immense success while others drone on in mediocrity year after year?

The answer is that some companies are able to make their businesses meaningful, make them come to life, and make them fun again for everyone involved.

As the economy and the construction industry comes through the COVID-19 crisis, it will be more important than ever that those running your company have the tools they need to think, lead and manage like a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

All CEOs and business owners have shared the same dream -- to have a growing, profitable business that executes effectively and can run without them there make sure it all happens. This engaging session will show you how to make that dream your reality. You’ll learn the CEO Tools you need to create the type of business that thrives without your hands-on efforts -- the tools that will create clarity and set direction, get things done, measure progress and enhance results.

The CEO Tools focus on three key result areas:

Communication: These are the “Make It Clear” tools. They will help set the direction, create an effective cadence of communication, and build trust.

Execution: These are the “Make It Happen” tools. They will track progress and provide feedback and create the plans and actions required for results.

Optimization: These are the “Make It Better” tools. They will help align and coach people, organize yourself and others and create a system of celebrating successes.

From this Ignite session, you’ll take home CEO Tools that, when followed in a disciplined fashion, will create a cycle of success that delivers more-effective execution, better results and higher profits -- the results business owners hoped for when they started their business.

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