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Construction companies operate in environments and in situations where teamwork is essential to the success of the job and, ultimately, the success of the contracting company. But are your teams operating at maximum effectiveness? Do your teams even possess the underlying foundations to consistently meet your corporate objectives? How can you tell and, even more important, what can you do about it?

In this intriguing and exciting session, you’ll learn from a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL how one of the world’s most-effective cross-functional teams, U.S. Navy SEALs, employ a unique team-based approach in nearly everything they do.

Never Quit. Build Trust. Take Responsibility. Embrace Change. These longstanding and well-known characteristics of any successful team are important, but SEAL Teams embrace more that can be applied to your construction operation. The underlying structure of the SEAL Teams is also predicated on Four Pillars that, when aligned, create a multi-faceted team dynamic that has proven overwhelmingly successful in the last 60 years.

Combat-decorated Navy SEAL John Choate is a business strategist with proven successes in both executing high-risk SEAL missions as well as establishing, running and/or consulting for organizations ranging from tech start-ups and collegiate sports teams to numerous Fortune 500 companies. He’ll tie his SEAL training and experiences directly to the teams every construction company relies on to improve the teamwork every contractor needs.’

You’ll learn:

  • The Four Pillars on which SEAL success is based and how they foster elite teams

  • How those Four Pillars fit in your construction company

  • Methods to employ SEAL skills and strategies in your business and daily life

  • How to maximize your team’s successes by utilizing valuable lessons learned from these uniquely skilled experts

An intriguing and exciting session that will give you new insights into teambuilding and teamwork – along with the tools to apply the Four Pillars in your own construction company.

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