8:15-9:45 Session | Ignite Construction

Business owners and high-level leaders agonize over what often seems to be a disconnect between their goals and the goals of their employees. Where owners are focused on the company -- sales, cash, profitability, the marketplace -- employees tend to focus on the “me” of compensation, benefits, job security, and “getting my work done.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this eye-opening, opening session Garrett Sullivan, a management specialist focused on the construction industry, will show you that your employees don’t lack the interest or capacity to contribute – they just haven’t received the information, education, or tools they need to begin thinking and acting like an owner.

You’ll learn:

  • “Ownership Thinking," a management system that will move your employees from “me” to “us,” creating a better work environment and significantly improved financial performance

  • The impact of teaching your employees the Fundamentals of Business so they can link the tasks they perform to business objectives (and, ultimately, incentive plans that really work)

  • How to create an environment of high visibility and transparency (and why that’s important)

  • How discovering your organization’s “higher purpose” enables you to move people beyond the entitlement mentality toward a mentality of earning and purpose.

  • How to create an organization of highly engaged employees who think and act like an owner!

This session is a game-changer for construction firms!

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