8-930 Session | Ignite Construction Summit

THE most-challenging issue for construction owners is the quest to identify leaders for the long-term and then, how best to equip them with the skills and demeanor to address future issues with our future workforce.  No easy task, to stay the least.

In this session, developed especially for the Ignite Construction Summit, veteran construction industry consultant Brad Humphrey (author of “The Contractor’s Best Friend” newsletters and podcasts, and star of his groundbreaking “Two-Minute Drill” video series), will share with you how to spot those individuals who are not merely good workers but who offer glimpses into what they potentially are capable of being as a leader. Most people are not even aware of this “latent development” reality that they could be a leader… but you’ll learn how you can identify them and how you can capitalize on raising people to their fullest potential. 

Then, drawing on elements from his Champion Leadership and Coaching the Emerging Leader training workbooks, Brad will introduce you to some proven techniques to invest in these underdeveloped leaders, boosting their confidence and effectiveness to lead out for you and your company!

Workshop Objectives:

  • Locating our future leaders: Checking far & wide…and don’t forget those who are “in-house”

  • Tailoring a leadership profile of traits, skills, and knowledge to your company’s uniqueness

  • The critical first 90 days: Setting their future on the right coordinates

  • Strategies to retain your leadership investment: Honest talk about compensation & relationship

You’ll Take Home:

  • Brad’s “Leadership Profile” that you will be able to incorporate into your own company’s strategy to land the right leaders for your company.

  • Brad’s Communication Profile that can used to further understand your leader’s traits, tendencies, and areas of strengths and weaknesses

  • Brad’s sample 90-Day Plan for a leader that you can use to build additional models for every specific leadership hire you make.

The leaders you need might already be employed in your company – or they might be the next person who walks through the door. But wherever you find them they will determine how successful your construction business is, so don’t miss this opportunity to identify and develop the leaders essential to your success.

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