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Employment Is Hard Work:
Tips for Navigating the Challenging Talent Market

The demand for skilled talent has been a growing issue in the construction industry and it’s not getting any easier. Add to that changing expectations and employment requirements and the headaches of business owners continues to grow. This panel of professionals will discuss the challenges surrounding recruitment, hiring and retention, and give actionable ideas of how companies can move the needle in a positive direction.


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Shawn Boyce, Chief Revenue Officer
Brothers Paving & Concrete

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Shawn Boyce started his career in the asphalt maintenance industry in 1995 where he worked as an estimator, project coordinator and other roles as he began his journey. 


After two years working and learning, Shawn ventured out on his own and created Straightline Striping in 1997. Just a few months after starting the Striping business Shawn’s mentor (Paul Battista) created a company: Brothers Paving and Concrete, and convinced Shawn to come on as a salesman which would feed work to his striping company. This was the beginning of the unofficial partnership between the two.


For the past 25 years, Brothers Paving has become the most respected Paving company in the Northern Virginia and Maryland area. After creating great processes and procedures, Brothers has expanded and now has over 1,000 employees at 14 locations in eight different states. This is how Brothers National was formed.


Shawn has also served as a consultant for many paving contractors over the years. He is also the Co-creator of PavementSoft which is a platform for paving contractors that has revolutionized the paving industry through best practices, processes, organization and professionalism.

Marla Rybowiak, Director - Operations & Human Resources
The Employer Group

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Marla Rybowiak is the current Director of Operations and Human Resources at The Employer Group, a national human resources consulting firm and Professional Employer Organization.  In her role, Marla works with executive and senior leadership on Human Resources strategy, business operations, organizational development, recruitment and retention strategies, talent management and HR best practices. 

With over 30 years of experience in Human Resources in the consulting, manufacturing, and government industries, Marla brings a breath of experience that executives value. During her tenure, she has developed HR teams from the ground up, building recruitment teams, learning and development groups, and HR operations.  In addition to her day job, Marla recently retired after providing career development programming to the Master of Science in Biotechnology program at the University of Madison – Wisconsin.  Marla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University.

Kyle Farmer, Owner
Farmer Law PC

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Kyle has a passion for teaching. He discovered this passion while working for Kaplan Test Prep as he finished his Political Science degree at Texas A&M University. He has carried this passion throughout his legal career, teaching clients as he helps them to find and understand legal pathways out of labor bottlenecks.

His innovation in solving perpetual labor shortages for businesses came shortly after graduating from Vanderbilt Law School. He and his wife, Natalie, began working on various types of immigration visas for their family construction business in Iowa. It was from their perspective as employers that they were able to see the vision for what could be accomplished through foreign recruitment and legal immigration.

Kyle and Natalie have built a thriving practice from solid, creative, forward-thinking solutions that provide much-needed relief for their many clients throughout the United States.

With one baby boy, three young daughters, and counting, Kyle enjoys spending time with his family on their property in the country, riding four-wheelers, hunting, and raising hogs.

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