In this highly original take on running a business, Dave confronts Chaos Inc., the prime culprit of small business failure. He then arms you with the superhero utility belt you need to rise above the daily mayhem and craft a focused business strategy. In this powerful and engaging wrap-up of the first day of Ignite, Dave uses real-world examples and a healthy dose of wit to help you discover how to conquer the seven “Agents of Chaos,” stay focused, and maximize profit.

Takeaways from this entertaining, high-energy session include:

• The secret behind why some small businesses thrive, while most others struggle daily
• A fun and memorable way to identify and neutralize focus-killers in your business
• How to balance both building your business and a healthy and rewarding lifestyle
• Which activities are worth your time and attention, and which you should delegate
• The five most-important numbers every small business owner should be tracking
• Tactics to deal with employees who are valuable, but a pain to work with
• A tool for identifying which opportunities to pursue and which to ignore
• The single biggest marketing mistake most businesses make and how to avoid it
• And much more...

The Focused Business is a fun, memorable, and absolutely invaluable experience that relies on unrehearsed audience interaction to help any small business seeking to create a solid foundation for lasting growth.

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