10-11:30 Session | Ignite Construction

All business owners and top-level managers want to be more effective in leading their teams – and this unique look at learning will show you the way.

Every business owner or manager will tell you they learned enough last year “I could write a book!” Then ask them for specifics and you’ll often get a blank look as if to say, “I don’t even know where to begin…”


Bart Gragg, founder of Blue Collar University®, knows where to begin; he says you start by looking into the past. To do this effectively you must know what to look for, what to pay attention to, what is holding you back – and what to do with it.

In “True North” you will work through “a process for looking back and using that reflection to propel your business or career forward.”

Owners and Top-level Execs will learn the True North method for:

  • Looking at and examining business lessons from the past

  • Identifying the essential nuggets from those experiences

  • Applying what you learned to your current position and responsibilities

  • Knowing how (and when) to listen to “the voices in your head”

  • Tying all this together to help you formulate a plan for your leadership future

By revisiting the lessons you’ve already learned you will be more effective today – and you’ll be laying the groundwork for an even more-effective tomorrow!

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